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International Women Organizations with the commission

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GF One Senegal

Senegalese Women Sharing their resources to create local products!

Nothing speaks of self-determination than what these Senegalese women are building through hard work,  collective work, and responsibility. Their products are natural and organic. They make for healthy living.

They are ready to take their products into the international markets to help uplift women locally, systematically, and persistently. These women keep thinking ready thoughts and working in tandem with their vision and a mission to achieve financial independence!

Continuez a grimper mesdames nous vous verrons au sommet!

Ask how you can support them!

Call Cheikh Ba for more information  313-702-5632

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Mbour thies , Tivaouane b

All seeds take time to grow in Senegal!!

Often other people’s problems, other people’s priorities, other people's principles, other people's people, can get in the way, hold us back, and take us off track until we develop the strength, to be honest with ourselves and know that whatever it is that we want to do we can do, we can achieve, and we must not look back. This is what these women are doing… working very hard with each other, saving their money, and collectively striving to build financial stability.

Slowly they are changing their lives! Step by step! Inch by inch, point by point, moment by moment until they achieve their goals. But they can use some help too!


Find out how you can help them!

Call Cheikh Ba for more information 


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Mbour thies , Tivaouane b.jpg


IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

The African Women Mobilization Commission has been engaged in several projects since its inception.

AWMC seeks to address the needs of the women and children who are Internally Displaced from their homes. We are seeking support for the IDPs in Maiduguri Nigeria because of terrorist activities, creating a lack of drinking water and food. Our goal is to assist these people in any manner possible and help ease

their suffering.

We welcome donations to help provide these communities with basic
necessities and prevent malnourishment and starvation. We are hopeful that our efforts

will help alleviate these problems and challenges for the villagers.


Contact AWMC at ‪(470) 531-5571‬ 

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