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All Hands In


ROC is an acronym meaning Reclaiming Our Communities. While AWMC is an African woman centric organization we cannot leave out our brothers, our men. To solidify the efforts of African Women improving and impacting our lives and communities, we cannot do it without the full commitment and participation of our Men. When we look around some of our communities they are in   disrepair. It is unsafe for the children to play; the elders are afraid of some of our wayward youth, and the women need additional hands to rear the children and protect our communities from external threats. So, the call has been made and our sisters are making a grand pronouncement: Its time to RECLAIM OUR COMMUNITIES!

I have one thing in common with the emerging black nations of Africa: We both have voices, and we are discovering what we can do with them.

-  Miriam Makeba  -

Kind of like that moment when Queen Ramonda reminded T’Challa to SHOW THEM WHO YOU ARE! Now for the brothers are active and fulling engaging in their roles and know who they are we implore to bring along the brothers who don’t fully know who they are. We want to call our brothers in a united effort to Reclaim Our Communities both here and abroad. Brothers have known borders. We’re one African people irrespective of whatever block, hood, country, or clan you come from.


This is an opportunity to forge brotherhood and connections because this event is an event for the brothers in USA and Nigeria to drum in unison on the same day at the same time and play the same songs. One Heartbeat, Many Drums. We want our men to know they are brothers whether they be from Los Angeles or Lagos. We also want to take this time to as your sister so show appreciation for our men and all the work, they do the support and uphold our people and communities. The focus will be on the declaration to Reclaim Our Communities hand draw global attention to this uniting across the continent and diaspora that your women have made the call and want to show appreciation to those who have answered. 

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