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 The question of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Africa is very troubling. The tragedy of what's going on in Bornu State in the North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria is that it is froth with terrorist activities. These displaced individuals have a right to go back to their communities, but they can't do so if these terrorist activities are ongoing. Our focus is not necessarily to get them back to their villages because we can't do that. What we are focusing on is to help bring some relief.

One of the many concerns of the African Women Mobilization Commission is the poor living standards of women, and in these camps, the lack of sufficient food supplies, drinking water, even the most basic personal hygiene items, for performing even the simplest life-sustaining activities. This proposal aims to provide members of these camps with much-needed resources.

Many women and girls are abducted, raped, and often never returned. Additionally, where you have many women, they need the necessary items that women need to support clean and healthy living, such as feminine care items.  

Children need to be in school and the longer they're out of school the more their future is compromised. There are 889 women and 1100 children at four IDP camps in Maiduguri. Our goal is to provide essential life-supporting and uplifting services through our AWMC CARES program to support these displaced persons.

To provide high-quality care and implementation of our program, upon receipt of the funds, we will employ the service of the members of our organization who live in Maiduguri, the city near the camps, to ensure that we have the right personnel stationed right where the three IDPs camps are located. After we have identified the specific members that would do the work there, we will immediately begin the purchase of the necessary goods, equipment, and services and turn them over to the AWMC Chapter operating there. 




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