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10,000 WOMEN.

AWMCs main mission is clear, and that is the mobilization of women, globally. The purpose of doing so is to increase the number of women in our organization to a  minimum goal of 10,000 women... and we believe it is more than possible. When we achieve that goal, we can access more funding resources because of the number of women that we will be servicing.  This will help with 3 targets in mind:


To provide economic empowerment to boost productivity to end poverty


Increasing womens' and girls' educational attainment through upscaling & rescaling in technical know-how in the age of technology


Increase entrepreneurship opportunities through workshops and training

This amount of growth in AWMC will not only be meaningful to the United Nations, but also to other organizations that are interested in the welfare and well-being of women. We urge you to join our mobilization effort by registering to become a member by clicking here or below. Your membership doesn't necessarily mean you are subject to any obligations, but your membership supports the activities of the organization. You could become a monthly, annual, or corporate member.

You can sign up for whatever works for you, all spelled out on our website. I'm reminded succinctly that what's important in this world is not so much what we do individually, but what we're able to achieve collectively as women. We believe that women can be a force for good everywhere including the United Nation’s global aspiration to reduce poverty, and AWMC wants to be a part of that global mission. With a large membership body, we can become very influential and impact the course of events in Africa. Please make your donations and join AWMC today and help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of women and children.

Young Businesswoman


Are you ready to be a part of one of the fastest growing women's empowering organizations and help your community?  Click below and find out how!

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